Welcome to Zone 2 – All About Animals

Total viewing time +14 minutes

Farmer Luke is another one of our core volunteers who helps Kids Country all through the year. Even when he’s busy farming he still finds time to film fun videos on what he’s doing, what’s growing in his fields, talking about his tractors and farm animals. In this zone, there are videos on pigs, goats, alpacas and sheep. And there’s a whopping 42 worksheets to download where you can find out and learn even more about a huge range of farm animals.


Join Farmer Luke as he shows us around Zone 2.


Learn About Pigs


Learn About Goats


Learn About Alpacas


Learn About Sheep


Activity Sheets to Download

The children absolutely loved seeing animals up close and personal. They learnt so much as there were so many learning opportunities. As an urban town centre school, the opportunity to experience this has had a significant impact.

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