Welcome to Zone 1a – Field To Fork

Total viewing time +14 mins

In the Field to Fork zone there is an introductory video from one of our core volunteers, Andy, who shows you around the showground, giving you a sense of the huge amount of space the event normally fills. There’s a picture gallery from last year, where you may spot a few familiar faces from your school. We show you how sausages, beef burgers and butter are made, where our sugar comes from and then another message from core volunteer Mary who has helped us so much, especially through #lockdownlearning with all the cooking activities. There are 11 worksheets and 19 different recipes you can download and try at home. This should keep you busy!

Join Kids Country Andy as he shows us around the Field to Fork zone


Picture Gallery – Can you spot yourself?


How sausages are made


How Burgers are made


How butter is made


How sugar beet is harvested


Mary shares what happens in Kids Kitchen


Activity Sheets to Download

Kids Kitchen recipe sheet downloads


We really enjoyed the Farm to Fork section. We spent ages in this area making vegetable people, planting lettuce, eating corn on the cob, apples and popcorn. The children got so much out of this and really enjoyed it

Yaxley Infant School

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