Welcome to Zone 7 and 8 – Sheep Show & Scurry Driving

Total viewing time +8 minutes

Andy introduces this Zone by walking us around the area on the Showground, take a close look to see if you can spot some faces from last year. If you watch all 9 videos you’ll see some sheep being sheared, how lambs are cared for and you will learn about two different breeds called the Easycare Sheep and the Valias Black Nose Sheep. We wonder why they are called that? Watch and learn. You can also see just how well trained the sheepdog is and how they help the farmer. Do you wish your pet dog was so clever? There are also 4 worksheets to help you learn even more about all the activities in this Zone.


Join Kids Country Andy as he shows us around the Sheep Show Zone


Picture Gallery – Can you spot yourself?


Learn about Sheep Dogs


Easycare Sheep


Taking Care of Lambs


Valais Blacknose Sheep


Sheep Shearing


The Sheep Show


Activity Sheets to Download


The day was excellent for our SEN students, they enjoyed the interactive activities planting seeds, exploring vegetables through touch and being able to climb into a combine harvester. They have commented about their best parts and the sheep show was a popular answer which was both educational and entertaining.

Garth CIT

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