Welcome to Zone 3 – Interactive Area

Total viewing time +16 minutes

Andy is back showing you around the Showground which Zone 3 occupies. This is such a busy, hands-on Zone on the day and you have to use your imagination as Andy describes what happens in this area. You may spot someone you know from last year and get a better idea of what goes on in this zone if you then watch all 8 videos and download the 7 worksheets on how to grow some of your own fruit and vegetables. This is a fun and busy zone to visit, plus there is nothing more exciting and delicious about trying to grow your own food. Give it a go.


Join Kids Country Andy as he shows us around the Interactive Area zone


Picture Gallery – Can you spot yourself?


Allotments – Growing Fruit and Veg


Lincolnshire Herbs


Lincoln Red Cattle


Cow & Calf Feeding


Bull & Cows


Activity Sheets to Download



The day was excellent for our SEN students, they enjoyed the interactive activities planting seeds, exploring vegetables through touch and being able to climb into a combine harvester. They have commented about their best parts and the sheep show was a popular answer which was both educational and entertaining.

Garth CIT

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