Welcome to Zone 11 and 12 – Display Area and Tractor Trailer Rides

Total viewing time +11 minutes

In this zone volunteer Andy shows you on a quick tour around the Showground that is usually on a tractor and trailer at the Food & Farming Day, the next video gives you a good idea of what you would see as you are driven around. There’s so much to spot going on. And we also take you on a tractor tour around Park Farm, which is not far from the Showground and a really good farm to visit on Open Farm Sunday to carry on your learning. Farmer Luke will also show you around his Daintree Farm. Among these 6 videos, you will also see a look back in time and how archaeology can help us learn how they farmed hundreds and hundreds of years ago.


Join Kids Country Andy as he shows us around the tractor and trailer route


Picture Gallery – Can you spot yourself?

Tractor Trailer Ride around Park Farm


Tractor Trailer Ride around Daintree Farm


Wessex Environmental Archaeology Part 1


Wessex Environmental Archaeology Part 2


The tractor trailer rides and the train rides were enjoyed immensely with very little queueing involved. Always a favourite is the sheep show, with pupils learning and enjoying the event at the same time.

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