Welcome to Zone 10 – Potato and Root Veg Story

Total viewing time +12 minutes

In this zone Farmer Luke shows us lots of information on how potatoes and carrots are grown including their journey from the farm to the shop and how important water is to their growth. You will hear from a potato agronomist, Caroline, whose job is to look after how well the potatoes grow and shows us how she checks the crop in the fields, how they are watered and the importance of the root structure in the soil for the potatoes to grow and some of the good insects that battle the bad pests that try to eat the potatoes.  Who would have thought that so much works goes into the mashed potato, chips or jacket spuds you eat? After watching these 9 videos and downloading the 2 worksheets, we are sure you will look at the vegetables on your plate and know so much more about how they got there.


Join Farmer Luke as he shows us around Zone 10


Alan Bartlett and Sons, Growing Carrots


Alan Bartlett and Sons, Carrot Washing and Packing


Potatoes Agronomist


Albert Bartlett, Potatoes & Rain


Albert Bartlett, Rooster Potatoes


Irrigation with Farmer Luke


Activity Sheets to Download


The children were still talking about purple potatoes for days afterwards!

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