Livestock is commonly known as farm animals who are raised to generate a profit.

Farmers need to work hard to make sure that the food they produce is of a high standard. It needs to be edible, so crops and animals need to be kept healthy and disease-free. Many supermarkets also have standards about the way certain fruits and vegetables need to look before they will sell them.

Livestock and farm animals, with the exception of poultry and fish, are mainly cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, and mules.


Pigs love nothing more than finding a big muddy puddle and rolling and splashing in it (and unlike us, they don’t wear wellies!) They don’t just roll and splash for fun, they do it to keep cool and the mud acts as a sunscreen.

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Blankets, jumpers and hats can be made out of wool and wool comes straight off a sheep’s back! Learn how wool is gathered and what a sheep looks like after it’s sheared.

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When we talk about cows, it can actually be a little confusing. The technical name for this type of animal is cattle. Young cattle are called calves until they become adults. There are over 800 breeds of cattle worldwide.  Some breeds are known as ‘dual purpose’ because they can be dairy or beef, however, most herds tend to be one or the other.

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Humans and goats have enjoyed a close relationship for thousands of years – they were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans! There are about 1 billion goats worldwide and more people in the world drink goat milk than the milk of any other species.

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Alpacas originate from west-central South America. They are very friendly animals, raised for their wool

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