Fairtrade Fortnight

Learn about Fairtrade with Kids Country! Each day, we’ll add new resources and activities for you to complete at home or school.

Kids Country and Marshal Papworth Supporting Fairtrade with Education

What is Fairtrade?

Facts About Fairtrade

The Cost of Fairtrade

Match the Raw Product with the Finished Product

Design a Fairtrade T-shirt

Colour the Fairtrade Logo

Make Your Own Fairtrade Label

Bananas Information Sheet

Banana UK Journey

Where Do Bananas Grow?

Science and Bananas

Reading All About Bananas

Banana Quiz

Honor’s Amazing Banana Loaf

Colour in your own pineapple

Pineapple Journey to UK

Pineapple information sheets

Reading —All about pineapples

Pineapple Quiz

Pineapple Quiz – Answers

Perfect your pineapple knowledge

Orange Information Sheets

Life Cycle of an Orange

Orange varieties

Orange Activity and Tasting Guide

Orange Tasting Sheet

Research what countries oranges grow in

Fruit word scramble

Food Miles

Country of origin and food miles worksheet

Food miles questions linked to our shopping bag

Food miles answers linked to our shopping bag

What is Deforestation

Glossary of terms in connection to food miles

Reasearch the countries your food comes from


Alice Nyariaro: what I learned through the Marshal Papworth Programme

Malawi Farmer’s Scholarship Award

The Pineapple Story

How UK company Blue Skies is helping to pick a ripe future in Ghana