Cub & Beavers Day

26 March 2022

Kids Country are delighted to offer a morning where children can learn rural skills in a hands-on environment, and spend time in the great outdoors to help children obtain skills for their activity badges.

“A lovely selection of activities run by friendly and knowledgeable individuals. Thank you to you all and we look forward to your next event.” – Snow Goose Beavers

Watch our 2019 event here:

This year:

  • Experience the life of a Chicken Farmer and find out how he looks after 64,000 chickens on a free-range farm
  • Understand the lifecycle from embryo to chicken
  • Touch and hold young chicks and chickens
  • Learn to identify bird eggs by their different colours, shapes and sizes
  • Get crafty making and decorating a clay egg pendant

 Just £4.80 (inc VAT) per child

All activities were fun and short in nature to keep the children actively involved. An excellent set up and fun for all.

Snow Goose Beaver Colony

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