Bee Observatory Visits

May - July 2019

Get the buzz for the world of bees at the East of England Showground.

Find out how to identify a honey bee, the different types, where they live, and how they make honey – as well as other well-known products they are responsible for too.

You can also get an insight into how the bee keepers work, try on their outfits, and see how they get the honey from the hives from the safety of our very own bee observatory.

This event is held in partnership with the Peterborough and District Beekeepers Association.

Click here to download our Bee Observatory event flyer.


The Bee Visit was very informative for our children. All the information was perfectly pitched, as were the activities, and the children faced fears. We will do a class write-up when we get back to school.

St Bartholomews Primary

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