The children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘apple and pear’ learning experiences.  Not only did they find out about the history of the apple they also had the opportunity to sample a variety of apples, rating them on their overall taste and appearance.  Children who may not have liked apple before now do! Meeting a farmer enabled the children to learn about different soil types before planting an apple and pear tree in the school’s orchard.  The children were also able to share new learning with their families, as they all took home a baked apple and an apple bird feeder that they had made.  Overall, the children had a great afternoon and the knowledge they gained will stay with them for a long time to come.

Braybrook Primary Academy Teacher

The Bee Visit was very informative for our children. All the information was perfectly pitched, as were the activities, and the children faced fears. We will do a class write-up when we get back to school.

St Bartholomews Primary Bee Observatory Visits

One of the children told me that they had had the best day ever at the Breakfast Week Kids Country event. It was a lovely day and there was a great atmosphere.

Newark Hill Academy Breakfast Week

The children had a fantastic day and learned a lot about the importance of eating breakfast and where these foods come from. I could hear children excited and enthusiastic about their learning.

Newark Hill Academy Breakfast Week

It has been two years since we have been able to bring so many visitors to school and it was worth the wait.  The volunteers and Kids Country Team have put together a wonderful, rich, learning experience that all of our pupils enjoyed.  These sorts of activities are so important to enable children to understand where their food comes from and what goes into making it.  I hope it will inspire them to find out more and think carefully about their diets, impact on the environment and future careers

Market Deeping Community Primary School Breakfast Week

The children loved all of the activities on offer and learnt so much about how their food gets from the farm to their plates. Feedback from one of our pupils included: ‘This has been the best day at school – EVER!’  There can’t be a better recommendation than that!

Farcet Primary School Breakfast Week

I can’t put into words what a valuable and meaningful leaning experience this was for our children. Sandra and the team were fantastic and the organisation was second to none.

Braybrook Primary School Breakfast Week

The children had a great time and we are really grateful to all of the volunteers who gave up their time to make learning such an enjoyable experience.

Alconbury Primary School Breakfast Week

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend and be part of Food and Farming Day, it’s such a wonderful event. I am honoured to be a part of it.

Happy Chick Company Exhibitors

Thank you for Food and Farming Day – such an innovative event. Great fun was had by all. The drivers loved the interaction with all the children and so did the ponies!

British Scurry Driving Team Exhibitors

A massive thank you for the brilliant organisation and tremendous amount of sheer hard work and determination it takes to pull off such grand events as Food and Farming Day.

Anglian Water Exhibitors

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as it is essential to learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstance.

Sandra Lauridsen Education Manager for Kids Country

It was great for the children to get their hands dirty and learn about how potatoes and lettuce are grown, they really enjoyed it!

Nicola Green Teacher at Newark Hill Academy

I have attended a few times, always love this event! The best educational visit I have done in my 11+ years of teaching!

Mrs Williman, Teacher Food & Farming Day

We really enjoyed the Farm to Fork section. We spent ages in this area making vegetable people, planting lettuce, eating corn on the cob, apples and popcorn. The children got so much out of this and really enjoyed it

Yaxley Infant School Food & Farming Day

They came away with so much. We got to experience a wide range of activities from train rides to drumming and planting and sorting vegetables as well as seeing animals. The children and the adults really enjoyed our day

Yaxley Infant School Food & Farming Day

They learnt about many processes of food and the ingredients used in some products. They enjoyed seeing the machinery and having the chance to get into some of the vehicles. They could get close to animals and learning about their many uses within the farming community. Lots of learning opportunities throughout the day for all ages.

Tydd St Mary CofE Primary School Food & Farming Day

The tractor trailer rides and the train rides were enjoyed immensely with very little queueing involved. Always a favourite is the sheep show, with pupils learning and enjoying the event at the same time.

The Priory School Food & Farming Day

The children were still talking about purple potatoes for days afterwards!

Stilton Academy Food & Farming Day

The children had a very enjoyable time, meeting all the different animals in particular! Where would we be without them and our farming industry.

St Peters Independent School Food & Farming Day

Farming isn’t just about driving the tractors and moving sheep: it’s the technology and engineering that design new combine harvesters, the scientists creating new veterinary medications, and the chefs that know the value of seasonal produce. Showing children these future options is equally as important as making sure that they have an understanding of how their food is produced.

JB Gill Food & Farming Day

The day was excellent for our SEN students, they enjoyed the interactive activities planting seeds, exploring vegetables through touch and being able to climb into a combine harvester. They have commented about their best parts and the sheep show was a popular answer which was both educational and entertaining.

Garth CIT Food & Farming Day

The children and staff loved every minute of the day. The variety of engaging, interactive activities was fantastic. The children particularly enjoyed the sheep show, being in with the hounds, pretting animals, chance to cook pancakes and the African drumming experience, to name a few!

Ayscoughfee Hall School Food & Farming Day

The children absolutely loved seeing animals up close and personal. They learnt so much as there were so many learning opportunities. As an urban town centre school, the opportunity to experience this has had a significant impact.

All Saints CEVA Primary Food & Farming Day

The central message of our ‘Kids Country’ initiative is to inspire and educate our children and through them their families and the wider public to the work of our farmers and growers, the food choices available and the journey from ‘farm to fork’

Richard Bramley EEAS Chairman

Meeting real people who are in the field of food and farming, spending time and learning from the experts, the importance of, and how to grow, our own food, and much, much more.

Bridge Junior School Food & Farming Day

I had a wonderful day at the Food and Farming Day. Everyone left with a smile and comments like ‘wow, that was fun,’ ‘we will make this at home,’ and ‘mum and dad will love this apple turnover.’ What more positive feedback could we ask for?

Betty Staples Food & Farming Day

The children learnt so much as there were so many learning opportunities. As an urban town centre school, the opportunity to experience this has had a significant impact. Children returned saying ‘this was the best trip ever’.

All Saints CEVA Primary Food & Farming Day

This event makes children curious about their food and where it comes from, and the learning continues long after we get back to school. I am sure that as a result of growing their own vegetables, the children are more willing to try them.

Newark Hill Academy Grow Your Own Potatoes

The staff were all very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed the trip from start to end. A fantastic morning.

St George's School Happy Chicks Day

The children were very excited about holding the chicks. They came back and told their parents all about it and have now produced some lovely work around this.

Spalding Primary School Happy Chicks Day

All activities were fun and short in nature to keep the children actively involved. An excellent set up and fun for all.

Snow Goose Beaver Colony Scouting & Guiding Day

A lovely selection of activities ran by friendly and knowledgeable individuals. Thank you to you all and we look forward to your next event.

Snow Goose Beaver Colony Cubs & Beavers

The Central England Co-operative has a long tradition of giving back to the community, and we welcomed the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives and education of local children.

Karen Ball Member and Community Relations Officer, Central England Co-operative

The highlights were the kids – so well behaved and engaged. The whole experience was tiring, but so enjoyable. It will be hard to better it next year! A brilliant day.

Sue Brotherhood Volunteers

The rewards for just a few hours of input are difficult to exaggerate. Just to see the look on the faces of the children as they gaze in awe at all the activities is reward enough in itself.

Robin Limb Volunteers

I had a great day and thought it was a great experience. The enthusiasm of the children was infectious. The idea of doing an event like this is inspirational and I wish my son’s school had taken part so he could have had the experience too.

John Stinson Volunteers

I had a wonderful day at the Food and Farming Day. Everyone left with a smile and comments like ‘wow, that was fun,’ ‘we will make this at home,’ and ‘mum and dad will love this apple turnover.’ What more positive feedback could we ask for?

Betty Staples Food & Farming Day

Indulge your children’s imagination and inspire them to learn that cooking is fun and rewarding.

Amadeus Food Winter Warmer Challenge