Key Statistics

Get essential facts and figures on Kids Country’s Food and Farming Day. The statistics show just how popular and successful the event is with schools, farmers, and agri businesses around the eastern region!

Key Statistics

Food & Farming Day

  • 4,000 children in 2013;
  • 5,000 children in 2014;
  • 6,693 children in 2017 from 69 schools.

Other events

  • 750 children at five events in 2013;
  • Over 3,000 in 2017.

Where are the schools from?

Different counties including –Bedfordshire; Cambridgeshire; Essex; Hertfordshire; Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; London; Norfolk; Northamptonshire; Oxfordshire; and Warwickshire.

Who is helping?

  • 1,500 teachers
  • 350 educators
  • 180+ exhibitors
  • 150+ volunteers.

A massive thank you for the brilliant organisation and tremendous amount of sheer hard work and determination it takes to pull off such grand events as Food and Farming Day.

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