Here you will find answers to common questions relating to Kids Country.

Who are the events for?

Teachers and educators that want access to out of classroom teaching in a stimulating and accessible environment. Key Stage 1 and 2 children will benefit from a learning experience that is hands-on and follows strong rural themes with measurable learning outcomes.

How much do the events cost?

Events range from £1.80 to £3.60 per child including VAT.

How do I book places?

Our events are open to all schools in the East of England region, and must be booked through a teacher. Booking is essential for all our events as they quickly become full. You can book up to one year ahead for as many events as you like, so please make sure you reserve places for your pupils as soon as possible. Contact the Kids Country team here.

Meeting real people who are in the field of food and farming, spending time and learning from the experts, the importance of, and how to grow, our own food, and much, much more.

Bridge Junior School

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