Getting a feel for farming

Kids Country delivers exceptional, hands-on learning experiences for children based around food, farming and the countryside.

Discover how we can provide fun and innovative ways to stimulate Key Stage 1 and 2 children here.


Move closer to the countryside

Our aim is to educate future generations on the importance of farming, food production, and the countryside.

Find out more about Kids Country and the East of England Agricultural Society.

Unforgettable learning

Food and Farming Day is an interactive learning event that teaches children where food comes from, and the importance of agriculture and the countryside.

Get details of how you can be part of Food & Farming Day.

Cook up a classroom treat

Learn about the journey your breakfast takes from farm to fork, and get involved in hands-on activities that tell you more about the most important meal of the day.

Find out more about our Breakfast Week event.

Growing passion for food

“This event makes children curious about their food and where it comes from, and the learning continues long after we get back to school.”

Find out more about our Grow Your Own Potatoes event.

Understanding animal care

What do chicks eat? How many eggs can a hen lay? Do chickens fly? Can I have keep a chicken as a pet?

Find out more about our Happy Chicks event.

Bees have children buzzing with excitement

This year over 300 children from schools in and around Peterborough attended the East of England Showground as part of the Kids Country initiative to learn all about Bees.  In Partnership with the Peterborough & District Beekeepers Association and Central England Co-operative, …

Winter Warmer Soup Challenge

Indulge your pupils’ imaginations and inspire them to learn that cooking is fun and rewarding with the Kids Country Winter Warmer Soup Challenge. Stage 1: Create a soup recipe (29 October 2018) The challenge is to devise a recipe for a Winter …